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Illegal Medigap proceedings

It is acutely important to understand the different acts that might be considered illegal under law and practice. It is essential for self-protection and of others to know these activities so as to avoid them and in the case noted could be notified to the respective authorities. It is a matter of the future and health.

Here are ten Medigap practices that can be labeled as illegal:

  • If any insurance company or any agent of an insurance company pressures’ anyone to buy a Medicare advantage plan or has lied to make a person switch from one policy to another.
  • If any insurance provider sells a second Medicare advantage plans when the person already has an existing policy. This is approved only under one condition that is if the person has stated in writing that they plan to cancel the existing policy.
  • There are other plans which are mutually exclusive to Medigap policies. Medicaid is one of those policies. Under certain circumstances only having Medicaid is allowed.
  • If the insurance policy providers try to sell Medicare advantage plans when there is already an existing Medicare Advantage (MA) plan. Medigap policy can be sold only if Medicare advantage package ends before the start of Medigap policy.
  • If any insurer claims that the Medigap is a part of the Medicare program. This is absolutely not true. It is not included in the Medicare program. Medigap is a separate health insurance provided by private insurance companies.
  • If any insurer claims that the Medicare Advantage program is a Medicare advantage plans. Both policies are different from each other and cannot be applied to at the same time.
  • Different states have the same policies but may have some extra benefits. Make sure that the policies sold by the insurance provider are legitimate and are available in the state. The policy can be cross-checked with the State Insurance Department.
  • It is also illegal to sell a Medicare advantage plan if the insured has stated that they want the original Medicare and a Medigap policy. A medicare advantage plan is different from the Medigap plan and the original Medicare plans.
  • Misuse of the following names, letters or symbols:
  • CMS – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services
  • S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)
  • Social security

They cannot say that the Medicare advantage plans have been recommended by the Federal government and so on.

  • If the Medigap insurance agent claims to be a Medicare representative.

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Tips to choose a Medigap plan

Most people have Medicare plans already in place but as the years pass by they realize that there are gaps in the Insurance and there is a need to fill up the gaps. There are ten Medicare supplement plans – A, B, C-G, K, L, M, N. Plans C-G Include a specific set of basic benefits while plans A, B, K, L, M, and N have another set of basic benefits.

Most of the plans have the same basic benefits across states but Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin policies are standardized differently than the rest of the states. Here are a few tips to decide on the plan best suited for different individuals:

  1. Affordability of the Medicare supplement plans:

It’s essential to keep in mind all the plan costs that can be incurred, that is, the copayments, coinsurance, deductibles in relation to the medical services needed and compare it to the monthly budget. Most policies are priced so that the insured pays now which has the property of higher premium and lower copayments or payment is later which has a higher premium and lower copayments. The timing of payment can be taken into consideration.

  1. Price of the policy:  Find out at

There are different Medicare supplement plans. For example, community-related policies cost everyone the same regardless of the age of the insured. Issue age-related policies are priced according to the age of the insured at the time of buying the plan; the premium does not increase with age but might increase due to inflation and other factors. Attained-age rated policies are priced according to the age at the time of buying and may increase with age and also because of inflation and other factors.

  1. What is the health coverage needed?

Look at the health conditions and take into consideration any health issue that needs constant attention and is there any maintenance drug involved or will there be any future treatment in the near time and the expenses involved with it.

  1. Insurance companies with a good reputation:

Look for companies which have a reputation for good customer services and are known to pay the claims promptly. There are reviews online left by customers or people nearby may know if they already have one. There are also articles related to top plans that might help to decide the best plans.

Instead of looking at the Top rated Medicare supplement plans look for policies that might be good for you. Different people have different needs and the top-rated policies might not work the best for you.

How the Changes of Medicare Advantage Plans Transformed the Hospital System?

Every new change in the one part of a facility can possibly bring changes in other related parts. The Medicare advantage plans cover the hospital services in its coverage area. When the plans are changed they also changed the system of hospitals. This change is the basic need because of the requirements of the elderly patient that are under the age 65.

It will also change the patient’s average demographic that are consuming the hospital services and using the insurance policies for paying the hospital charges. It is determined in a survey in 1965 that the 2/3 patients were of the age 65 but the survey of 2010 displayed that in this year the ½ of the patients were of the age 65 years or more. In this article, we show you the various changes that the Medicare advantage plans bring in the hospital.

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Coordinated System:

The transformation brings the coordination between the different branches of the same name hospital. This will be helpful in handling a large number of the patient at the same time and can share the machine resources of high technology with each other.

medicare advantage plans for 2019

Decreased Number of Hospital Beds:

According to the survey, the number of the beds in the hospital is decreased up to 33 percent from the previous year of 1965. This is all because of the payments methods used by Medicare advantage plans. The Medicare plans prefer the outpatient costs instead of inpatient costs of hospital payments.

Change the Hospital Mission:

The most of the hospitals are working as charity and they do not work for having profit. Their mission is to serve the humanity whenever they require any help related to health.

Less Hospital Stays:

From the time 1965, the average hospital stay rate is decreased to a great extent. This is achieved by providing the outpatient treatment and the use of inpatient treatments is lower than the outpatient services.

More Benefits in Less Cost:

The old age patient is serviced better in the hospital even from the previous time. The patient with a chronic health condition that needs more care is served better by the hospital staff. The changing condition provides the more services in a few your cost.


After looking at the above changes we can see the modifications in the hospital system are making the hospitals more useful for the patient. You can get your desired treatment under complete hospital care and in the use of less reimbursement that will save your health and money together.  This is all because of the  new Medicare advantage plans.


4- Types of Medicare Advantage Plans you should know

Medicare advantage plan is also known as Medicare Part C Plan. It is provided by private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare. Original Medicare plans do not cover all medical expenses. You may also consider Medicare Supplement Plans 2019.  You might need a more advanced plan to cater for extra services that the original Medicare doesn’t provide. Medicare advantage caters for extra services like dentures, optical, hearing checkups and even foot examinations.

Medicare Advantage plan comes in six different types. The main different is with the functionality and amount of premium that come with each type. Let’s find out.


Health Maintenance Organization plan (HMO)

If you have this type of Medicare Advantage plan, you will receive medical services from hospitals and doctors that are on Medicare network except for different cases. You are allowed to have referrals from your primary doctor. The only exception are on emergency cases, when you’re on out-of –area and need an urgent care or you’re out-of-area and you need emergency dialysis.

HMO covers Prescription drugs in most cases but you will have to talk to your care provider to be sure. In case your primary doctor leaves the plan you will be notified to choose another doctor within the plan. If you sought medical services anywhere else, you are likely to pay all medical costs on your own.

Preferred Provider Organization plan (PPO)

If you have this type of plan, you are allowed to receive medical services from hospitals and care givers outside Medicare Network. However, you will pay less if you use hospitals and care givers who are on Medicare Network. This means that if you use the services of the hospitals and doctors out of Medicare Network you will pay more premiums.

If you need prescription drug to be catered for you should join PPO that has Part D in it. You cannot join Medicare Prescription Drug part C if your PPO doesn’t have an in-build part C.

Private Fees for Service plan (PFFS)

This plan doesn’t provide the original Medicare. PFFS determines the cost they shall pay and how much you hall pay for the same services. It is sort of cost sharing. You can get medical services from any doctor and hospital on PFFS Network.

You will not need to choose a primary doctor neither are you required to have a referral letter to visit other medical services on PFFS plan. You are allowed to apply for Part C plan for your drug prescription.

Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

This type is for members with special needs. You must get medical services to doctors and hospitals in the SNPs medical Networks except for emergencies. You must choose your primary doctor in this type. SNPs covers prescription drugs cost.

Apart from the above four types there are additional two special types namely, HMO Point of Service (HMOPOS) which allows you to get services from other hospitals and care givers at extra costs. The other one is Medical Savings Account Plan (MSA). This type combines your medical high deductibles with your bank such that some money will be credited to your bank account to cater for deductibles.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Insurance Plans are affordable and safer

Insurance plans of Mutual of Omaha Medicare are well-known as it is available from established Medicare provider. It is in the business of providing solutions of Medicare for generations and offers plans of Mutual of Omaha Medicare that offer coverage costs in association with your benefits of Medicare and provides the health insurance plan that you expect. The plans are available in all the states in the United State of America.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare Plans (Medigap)

Medigap policies that are the Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 are actually the supplement to Traditional Medicare benefits covering Part A and B. These are the benefits of the plan that is received from the federal government once you attain the age of 65. The plans of Medigap helps you in bearing the expenses that the Traditional Medicare does not pay and this includes the coinsurance, deductibles and copayment amount, thereby filling the Medicare coverage gaps. Thus, it offers the liberty to choose your choice of hospital, doctor or specialists of your preference.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare plans are available as Medicare Select Plans A-D, F-G, and K-N. The insurance plan offers basic benefits under Part A for hospitalization and full or partial pocket expenses as the coverage. The option of Plan A covers basic additional costs and Plan F regarded to be most comprehensive.


To find a best plan, it is right to use the Medicare customizable tool so that you can filter, search and also run comparison of different Medigap prices and insurance plans. It will offer you the right information about different plans available from Mutual of Omaha Medicare in your areas and also from other providers. The Medicare plan will help you in finding the best fit as the tool to fit your financial situation and needs.


Mutual of Omaha is expected to come in 2019 with Medicare Advantage plans and it will be in collaboration with Lumeris Inc.  Lumeris will assist Mutual of Omaha in selecting the areas where the plans will be available as most competitive. Lumeris will be arranging provider networks and manage the plans. The plans will allow the customers to choose from their networks a limited number of hospitals, physicians and other clinical professionals so that they get reduced costs and enjoy improved medical outcomes.


Mutual of Omaha Medicare is a Fortune 500 privately held company dealing with insurance and financial services. Lumeris creates perspectives to make health care affordable and sa

How To Apply For Medicare Insurance

In the United States, Medicare is a social insurance that is offered to all citizens above the age of sixty-five. It’s partially funded by the working population’s payroll taxes. Medicare insurance was enacted in 1965 by then-president Lyndon B. Johnson with former president Harry S. Truman became the program’s very first beneficiary. Those that want to apply for the program should be aware that only certain types of people will be eligible.

To apply for aarp medicare supplement plans 2019, one must be of a certain age. The insurance program was designed to provide elderly Americans with proper medical coverage. So to qualify, a person must be at least sixty-five years old. Younger applicants are approved on a case by case basis but must suffer from a disability or chronic disease. Certain other people may be eligible for their spouses.

Seniors above the age of sixty-five should be aware that if they are lately received the Social Security, they can receive Medicare Part A at no cost. The same goes for citizens who are under sixty-five, they are eligible for Medicare Part A if they are disabled and have been a recipient of Social Security for at least twenty four months.

To start the long enrollment process, call the Social Security Administration’s hotline number, visit their website, or visit one of their local offices. Through these outlets, interested parties will be able to obtain a little more information regarding Medicare and the enrollment forms.

When you start your application process, you will need to have your birth certificate, social security card, and driver’s license handy. If the documents themselves aren’t available then notarized copies will suffice. You will also be required to show proof of your other health insurance if you have any.

Although Medicare is an extremely useful and necessary program, there are some areas that it doesn’t cover. Those who are eligible for the benefits of Medicare but are concerned about certain ailments not being covered should invest in Medigap insurance. This Medigap program is available to everyone who qualifies for Medicare and will cover any gaps in the coverage that may occur.

In conclusion, Medicare is a social provided insurance which is available to people who are over a certain age or who are already enrolled in Social Security benefits. The enrollment process is a lengthy one in which a number of validated identification documents will be required.

Easy Ways to stay healthy

Being healthy does not necessarily require you to go for gyms, which cost a good deal of money. There are easy and inexpensive ways you can keep fit, so long as you are ready.

One way to ensure you keep yourself fit is ensuring your diet is healthy. It should be balanced, with whole grain carbohydrates, plant or animal proteins, natural vegetables and/ or fruits, which should be in different proportions per meal. Your meal should also have some liquid, and if possible water is ideal. You should not however restrict water to meal times only. Consider taking some glasses per day. This helps with hydrating your body and helps in digestion.

You should try to walk at least a thousand steps a day. You can consider walking some distance to and from work. Walk fast, to ensure you burn your calories. Use a bike if you have one instead of driving or using a train. It helps you exercise without a cent. Buy a speedometer, which is a cheap

You can put on some music and dance while at home or with friends. This is a vigorous exercise that helps you keep fit if practiced at least three times a week. It helps tone your tummy, thighs and arms and improves the overall health of the body.

Save on a trainer by trying the exercises you already know by yourself. Surf the internet and look for more tips. If you must go to the gym, try to negotiate and the few coins they cut on you are good savings too.

Do the twitches, even if not many will appreciate it. Try standing up and pacing around especially if you are in the office. Tap your fingers, then your feet on the ground. Stretch your muscles and try feeling rejuvenated.

Do your own chores when you can. Wash your clothes, house, utensils, tend your flowers and wash your car when you have time. This is part of the costless exercise opportunities you have.

Have a positive outlook about life and entertain yourself. Have fun once in a while. This will help you prevent or take care of your stress, leaving you feeling relieved. Your life relies on you. You have to love yourself and dedicate yourself in making yourself fit, because it will cost you little or nothing, as shown above. Do not wait to correct stress, overweight and diseases. They may cost you not only money, but also your life.

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Insurance for Your Retirement

In case you are with this issue, it’s easy to get sick and tired of constantly having to pay insurance fees. Writing monthly check for auto insurance by itself will take you crazy. Not forgetting the direct withdrawals from your salary for health insurance and the strike to your home loan for home owners coverage and you have lots of money going out the window to pay for catastrophes that might not even show up.

But once some of those disasters do show up, you’re going to be extremely thankful you had insurance plans. Nevertheless there is one enormous life event that is approaching that you want to do all you are able to prepare for economically and that is your senior years and simply retirement life. While there isn’t thing known as “older age insurance”, you can find just as you do your retirement planning that you have some very useful insurance policies that are completely critical to a retirement life that could make it pleasant, secure and prepared for.

We might or may not think about life insurance factored in retirement planning. In the end, the advantages of life insurance, at least are for individuals who survive after your death which usually doesn’t do you a lot of good while you are living and inhaling and exhaling. You could invest in life insurance coverage that also serves as a long term finance as well. These types of policies that are sometimes known as “whole life” permit the funds you put in to become spent and to build a funds value that you can take advantage of when you leave the workplace.

Which means you may want to bring $100,000 coverage when you are inside the working world, having to pay a mortgage and aiming to get the kids through university. However you can then hit retirement life, profit from the investment value of that coverage and enjoy your golden years with sufficient coverage to have some protection for your partner and funeral expenditures, this is a better way to plan your insurance policies.

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An additional layer of coverage that a lot of individuals are benefiting from is definitely Medicare supplement insurance. Medicare is an excellent program that may benefits many people. Nevertheless Medicare can only proceed so far.

This is how Medicare supplement give you that care of a great in home nursing support which can can be useful. That insurance can let you have treatment in your house that will give you the care you require and relax and take a lot of concerned and work off on behalf of your loved ones. As almost all senior citizens need health care at some point within their retirement life, in home medical care insurance is a must.

Simply by establishing these diverse specialized coverage early enough within your working life, you will get several value into all of them when the period comes for you to leave the workplace. Then you can get into retirement with full confidence knowing you could have policies with dependable insurance firms to take care of these needs that you just expect to come up within your golden years.

Here you know the benefits of the Medicare supplement plans

If you are already the age of 65 and thus have access to the Medicare plans, you will definitely know that they do not take care of all the problems. There is still a gap left behind within which they do not fill in or pay for all the fields of the Medicare plans. There are mainly two types of Medicare plans, the plan A and plan B.

How do the simple Medicare plan work?

The fist plan meaning the plan A deals with all those expenses which are incurred by all the visits to the hospital you have taken. This plan will pay for the expenses related to the hospitals.

The plan B on the other hand deals with the normal or the scheduled visits to the doctor. However, even the Medicare plans are deigned to take care of your medical related problems and expenses, they do not take care of all your problems.

The Medicare supplement plans pays for all medical gaps

These plans do not make sure that all your expenses are filled and this is why you will be needing g the Medicare supplement plans. These Medicare supplement plans makes sure that all those expenses which were left behind by the simple plans are completely taken care of. These supplement plans pay for all those expenses which were not filled in by the swipe Medicare plans.

Thus, for a senior citizen., these supplement plans can be of quite the use. Thus, before you fully understand all the standard benefits of the supplement plans, you need to know more about the supplement plans.

These supplement plans are independent of the company you get it from

You need to know that these Medicare supplement plans are also referred to as the media mainly because of the manner in which they function as the fall up of the gap between the simple plans. They are also standardised federally.

This means that they are independent of the company. If you are going for a supplement plan, you need to base your decision on what premium you wish o go for and not the company from where you wish to take care of. This is because all the companies offer the same benefits for a particular supplement plan. The difference lies in the premium you choose to pay.

Another best part about the Medicare supplement plans is that it lets you visit any of the doctors or any of the hospitals.

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Medicare Advantage plans, consider the coverage, limitations and financial benefits


The open enrollment season for Medicare is between the months of October 15 to December 7. This is the time the seniors keep wondering, whether they must enroll with Medicare Advantage plans or not. If you did not hear about Medicare Advantage till date, it is worth knowing about it. However, if you are enrolled in Part A and B Medicare, you are eligible for Medicare Advantage plans enrollment. However consider the facts before signing up for one.


Coverage of Medicare Advantage

Generally, Medicare Advantage plans 2018 generally provide similar benefits as the traditional Medicare, and include some benefits. It means Part A Medicare Hospital Insurance and Part B Medicare Insurance such that they are covered under the Medicare Advantage plans. Conversely, there are additional benefits also covered with these plans such as the dental, prescription drugs, wellness programs an vision. This is the reason that the seniors choice is with Medicare Advantage Plans.


Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

Part A and B are covered by Medicare Advantage plans, but not all plans of Medicare Advantage are the same. The plan types vary as they are issued by Medicare approved private companies. There are plans offering extra benefits, but they do not come for free. In fact, the beneficiaries are expected to pay premium monthly apart from the premium of Part B. thus understand the benefits and the premiums to be paid before making changes or committing.


Financial benefits

Parts A and B of Medicare will not be covered entirely by the medical expenses. People with fixed income may find their savings are gulped by unexpected prescriptions and medical expenses. In fact, many seniors also choose Medicare Advantage Plans as it restricts the expenses out of pocket. However, the fact cannot be denied that there is nothing as free so you end up paying in one way or the other, it may be as monthly premium or as co-pays.


Coverage Limitations

Medicare Advantage plans issues must be considered before getting committed, so that you manage your health care properly. For instance, the Medicare Advantage plans with HMO are high for non-listed network providers and the problem is that your provider or current doctor may not be in the listed network.


The accessibility and timing of the treatment available also may be limited. Thus, it is best to check with the plan so that you know if there is pre-authorization is required. Research to know the coverage limits or else you may end spending for illness treatments.